Property Damage & Business
Interruption Insurance

What is Business Interruption insurance?

Business Interruption coverage is designed to Protect financial loss sustained due to a covered property damage claim impacting your insurable gross profits, growth, market share and stakeholders’ interest during the period of interruption. It is a Balance Sheet protection approach to develop an effective Risk Management Program.

During the interruption period, the insurance intends to put you in the same financial position had there been no underlying perils affecting your property insured.

The policy will indemnify for the loss of net profits, standing charges and additional cost incurred to minimize loss.

How do we do it?

Anviti’s specialists will analyse

  • The business, its processes/ operations
  • Profile suppliers/ customers with ‘dependency factor’ revenue streams
  • Locations and evaluate interdependencies for interruption risks involved
  • and support you to estimate the most likely time duration (‘indemnity period’) required for normalisation of business operations following an insured ‘property damage’ due to ‘perils’ covered under the policy.
  • Our specialists will also assist your management to lay down loss control and alternative operational strategies to minimise downtime/ slowdown. Effectively, we will tailor an adequate, efficient and cost-effective insurance program based on the risk strategy to manage and control the risks identified.

Anviti offers the following solutions:


Benefit team design structures, cost projections, integration of claims with health promotion offerings and benchmarking that positively impacts pricing for future renewals.

Employee Engagement

We will demonstrate uncompromising high standards of integrity and honesty in our solutions and engagement with our clients, colleagues and partners.

Benefits Technology

With our tailormade benefits technology solutions, clients’ benefits delivery processes become more efficient. We provide the right applications that help employers centralize activities, increase compliance with regulatory requirements and eliminate data errors.

Health Promotion

We provide end-to-end support and coordination of all health promotion activities including helping you identify the right employee health goals and objectives and program components, identifying the best fit solution for stakeholders, develop a health risk prevention strategy, and conduct the right health risk classification with a suitable corrective plan.

Benefit Administration

To manage the policy better and to ensure more favorable employee experience, we provide various support activities including, Vendor Selection and Management, Rate Negotiations, Third Party Administrator (TPA) Audits, Document Due Diligence, Benefit Communication, Claim Monitoring and support, Data and Endorsement Management, Web Based Benefit Portal, Regular benefits review, and Compliance and Audit Support.

Benefit Communication

We provide communications design, content development, production support (excluding materials cost). This will be supported by a professional content, design team and will provide support in benefit transition communications, voluntary plan enrollment communications.

What can Anviti do?

Anviti will assist with:

Bespoke Insurance Program

  • Standard business interruption solutions will be tailored by Anviti to fit the specific needs of your business based on the inputs from a holistic review of your operations, financials and business plans.
  • Where required, the ‘property damage’ pre-condition for triggering the Business Interruption insurance will be modified to recognize ‘property damage’ at premises of your suppliers or customers or other outsourced partners. This is known as Contingent Business Interruption (CBI) and such cover also caters to events such as ‘failure of public supply’ and ‘denial of access’ resulting in interruption of your business even though your business has not suffered any direct ‘property damage’.
  • Tailored coverages to compensate for inventory depletions, increased costs of working and/or extra/expediting expenses will get written into the insurance program.
  • Likewise, on major businesses, Terrorism risks coverage is expanded in its scope and insured values to accommodate assessed exposures and can include CBI and third-party liability.

Anviti advises and supports the identification of key exposures within the supply chain management to obtain appropriate coverage, adequate limits and ‘indemnity periods’.

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