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Anviti Connect Webinar

  1. In conversation with Anand Kaul, Head of Transactional Liability Insurance
  2. Webinar on Dental Dialogue
  3. In conversation with Abhijit Sethi, Head of Placements
  4. In conversation with Jonathan Pipe, Chief Executive Officer & Principal Officer
  5. In conversation with Ashley D Silva, Head of Health & Benefits
  6. Webinar on Lifestyle Management
  7. Webinar on Improving Awareness About the Importance of Sleep on Our Daily Life and Health
  8. Webinar on Carenting- Session for Parents to Manage Childcare in the Current Situation
  9. In conversation with Vinay Kumar, Head of Multinational Client Business
  10. Webinar on COVID-19 implications on sexual reproductive health of women
  11. In conversation with Prasanna Kumar, Head of Financial Services Professional Group
  12. In conversation with Sudhir Singh, Head of Sales & India Client Business
  13. In conversation with Nisheeth Srivastava - Head of Property and Construction
  14. In conversation with Meenal Shah - AVP Client Relationships - SME
  15. Webinar on the new normal : How life has changed due to Covid-19 and tips to help you cope.
  16. In conversation with Ariz Rizvi - Head of Health Risk Management
  17. Webinar on Covid-19 Faq 101 - Unlearn and re-learn about Covid-19
  18. Webinar on Ways to manage Psychological impact of Lockdown
  19. Webinar on Physical Wellbeing and Ergonomics during extended Work from Home